Go Ahead and Backup

Safeguard critical data for the life of your business

As a business owner, you know that the only thing more valuable than your business is the data that keeps it running. Don't take a chance when it comes to the privacy, security and replication of that data - leave it to the experts at Trump Systems.

Our Online Backup Services make the backup and exchange of your business data as easy and painless as possible, and always have the highest security standards in place.

With Online Backup Services from Trump, your business can enjoy the benefits of a backup solution that is scalable, secure, flexible and affordable.

The most annoying things about backups:

  • ​​​​​Changing the tape(s) or disk(s)
  • ​​​​​The cost of backup software and support
  • ​​​​​Cleaning the tape drive
  • ​​​​​Replacing the tapes annually
  • ​​​​​Labelling tapes or disks with some kind of meaningful information
  • ​​​​​Managing off-site rotation
  • ​​​​​Finding and scheduling the time to do backups
  • ​​​​​Discovering that your backup doesn't restore properly when you need it most

Simplify backup and restore operations with Trump Online Backup service:

  • ​​​​​No more tapes
  • ​​​​​Every backup is a FULL backup
  • ​​​​​Fully automated solution
  • ​​​​​Instant offsite data protection
  • ​​​​​No software license fees per server
  • ​​​​​No annual software/hardware maintenance fees
  • ​​​​​Backup more frequently due to shorter backup windows